Your Vision, Our Mission, Mutual Growth

EDUMINDS- CONSULTNG is a learning organization. We support leaders, educators and administrative staff in transforming and innovating themselves and their institutions and organizations to raise their education quality, provide education for sustainable development and get a return of investment so they can be committed and recognized for Excellence in a digital era.
Because we are aware, that this is a long term process that needs Change Management and because this is an IT Driven Change; we offer our customers a variety of services based on our sound pedagogical, academic, multicultural background, digital skills and our practical experiences that was gained by working for more than 20 years with our customers in the educational and corporate fields.


To be one of the top leading education and digital transformation consultation companies in the region, providing our customers with innovative designed solutions.


We design innovative digital solutions to support leaders and educators in transforming and innovating themselves and their organizations. We offer consultations and customized solutions to raise their educational quality for sustainable development so they can be recognized for excellence in a digital era.