Extracurricular Programs

We provide educational institutions, academies and clubs with supportive programs to empower students with digital skills and entrepreneurial mindsets.

Entrepreneurship for kids and teens

This program can be given face to face and online through the Entro4kids platform in Arabic and English.

We also support Institutions in establishing Entrepreneurship Clubs, Summer and Winter Camps. Students will be able to enter local and regional Competitions and will have the opportunity to be supported by incubators and Investors.

Coding for kids and teens

The benefits of introducing coding skills earlier in the curriculum extend beyond upskilling the future workforce. We therefore offer students the opportunity to be creators and not just users of technology and teach them vital skills for life. We offer educational institutions Extracurricular coding programs through the BSD online coding platform supported by local and international trainers. School teachers can also be trained to provide coding skills for their students.

Students Learn Hard, Cognitive, & Soft Skills and develop essential digital skills that prepare them for their careers and life.

Hard Skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Cognitive Skills: Critical, computational & design thinking
Soft Skills: Communication, collaboration, empathy

BSD also provides a comprehensive 3-12 curriculum library for tech classes, core subjects and career-focused learning