MozaBook for Tablets

Tablets running the Windows operating system can actually run the fully-functional mozaBook software, in the very same way that it works on a PC.

The latest release of the mozaBook application for tablets is for Android. ‘mozaBook’ is already available on Google Play and this application allows students to use their teachers’ presentations and digital textbooks right on their tablet, as well as run all of the interactive educational tools and game applications, interactive 3D scenes and videos within.


MozaBook allows teachers to start a virtual classroom and invite students to join it. Students can connect to the classwork using their tablets. For this, the teacher’s computer and the tablets must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. It is not necessary to be connected to the Internet.

Teachers can always see who is connected and who isn’t, as well as get screenshots any time, to make sure everyone is on track.

Teachers can also share pages of a textbook directly to students’ devices. In addition, teachers can send assignments, worksheets, videos or images to students. Teachers can also keep track of worksheet completion and check students’ results on their computer.